About Bricks

The Beauty of Brick:
The Real-Tech Brick is the finest and most durable exterior cladding on the market today- period.

What other products give you all of this?

Classic Beauty- a great first impression that lasts a lifetime.

Lasting Value- enhances re-sale value up to 6%. A home with a full brick exterior, in most regions, will appreciate to a greater value than the same home with a less desirable cladding. The initial cost or investment will be recovered at the time you decide to sell your home. Think about the resale value of home before you build.

Durability- the proven leader…no damage from hail, bikes, balls…even bullets.

Energy Efficient- exceptional thermal mass that absorbs heat and slows down heat transfer

Low Maintenance-never rots, fades, warps, cracks, burns, punctures, dents, tears or becomes brittle

Mould Resistant- clay brick doesn’t support mould growth

Sound Resistant- brick mass air space creates a natural sound barrier

Design Flexibility- hundreds of design, colour and texture combinations

Surprisingly Affordable- Can be 40% less expensive than manufactured stone. As well, brick, like most other products, has an economy of scale. The more brick you include on your home, the lower the cost becomes per square foot
Advantages to using brick

Maintenance: There is virtually no cost to maintain the exterior of an all brick home. The colour and texture of clay brick is permanent and not even the most severe weather conditions of Canada will change them.


Beauty: Brick is beautiful. When travelling through a residential area nothing can compare to the aesthetic beauty of a home that is all brick or has at least an all brick front. With a little added brick detailing you can add distinction and greatly enhance the appearance of every home design.

Noise: Brick walls help to keep the outside world out. The excellent sound resistance of brick helps to minimize the aggravating sounds of whining motorcycles, downshifting semis and your neighbor’s stereo.

Fire Proof: Brick will not burn and in those disastrous situations where a fire does occur it will certainly not fuel the situation.

Impact Resistance: Hail, Stray bullets will not penetrate brick walls.